About Us

Karen Tan

The driven team behind QLIK is spearheaded by Karen Tan, a veteran in the hospitality industry with over 30 years of experience. Her wealth of experiential knowledge gained during her time with globally acclaimed, five-star hotel groups has proven useful in managing, running and directing hospitality businesses into generating profitable progress.

Karen works primarily on the conceptualization and development of the company’s projects. In addition, she is the key organizer and planner for all the company’s endeavors. Over the years, Karen has taken part in various projects ranging from a tapas restaurant, bistros, boutique hotels and even themed hostels. She is involved with the renovation and refurbishment stages and handles the pre-opening consultations for both existing and new establishments. Besides that, she also manages some of the mid-range hotels and high-end boutique hotels.


With an emphasis on quality and efficiency, Karen believes in producing results for her clients. Her gift is listening to and understanding her clients’ needs and strives to realize their visions without compromising on standards.

In short, maintaining owners’ properties in tip-top condition and providing effective solutions and services to owners and tenants assures owners a better return.

Calvin Lee

Calvin wields over 20 years of experience in various facets of real estate which include commercial development, property sales of hotels, land and project leasings. He is notably responsible for the brokerage of several major urban properties in Penang.

Being dynamic and very meticulous with his approach, it’s no wonder that he is a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry. Armed with impeccable knowledge, state-of-the-art real estate technology and an original flair for successful conclusions to any property transaction, Calvin has proven indispensable on the projects he has worked on. His driving nature has won him many major deals within the Northern region of Malaysia. In addition, he is also responsible for evaluating new business opportunities and exploring their potential.

Jenny Ong

Jenny Ong the Associate Manager for QLIK in Penang. She is responsible on the hotels daily operation matters that is under her charter. She supervise hotel individuals and operations in following standard operating procedure (SOP). Her goal is to achieve seamless operation as much as she can.

She has more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality business. This allows her to talk with authority and confident. Her vast experience about this industry also enables her to share knowledge with the hotel team.


She connect personally with everyone she meet. She is a ‘people friendly’ person who enjoys sharing experiences with others. She get along well with all levels of people with various backgrounds, irrespective of cultural or social differences.

She is capable to handle a wide variety of issues and listen to different viewpoints. Keeping a calm and level head in stressful situations is one of her main quality.

At person, she will laugh about anything under the sun! That makes her character approachable and allows the teamwork flourishes.