Backpack With Luxury At Chulia Street

Syok Hostel is a flashpackers hostel located on Chulia Street in Penang. The owner’s aim is to provide five-star service in no-star accommodations so to appeal to those who wish to backpack with luxury. I Hotel Consultancy Group came into the picture before the hostel officially opened to assist in setting up and develop standard operating procedures for each department to achieve this goal.

Staysyok Management had set a very high bar to improve and review the existing operations, marketing, and public relations for the hostel. After opening, I Hotel Consultancy Group took over management of the hostel for a year. This allowed for close monitoring and the ability to adjust any and all d epartments of the hostel before the owner took over full control of management.

After operating for roughly three years, Syok Hostel has served a wide range of travelers of all ages and nationalities. The hostel can accommodate up to sixty-six people, and guests can choose from mixed dorms, female dorms, or double rooms.