A Garden Themed Youth Hostel in Penang, Malaysia

TIDO Hostel is a cool, funky, and chic hostel that meets all young travelers’ needs. Catering to a niche youth market who want something unique, memorable, and fun at an affordable cost. Having newly opened as of March 2016, it is located on Argyll road in Penang.

I Hotel Consultancy Group was involved with every aspect of this youth hostel, from idea to implementation, design, management, IT systems, marketing, and staffing.

TIDO was proudly launched as a garden-themed hostel that comes with nice, cozy décor that gives you a sense of calm, which appeals to youth. It houses eighty-eight beds with both double rooms and dormitory rooms. This is a safe haven located near multiple attractions in a world-renowned UNESCO heritage site.

For students, young travelers, and backpackers, we are confident that you will love TIDO from the moment you enter this Hostel. Apart from usual room features, TIDO also offers spacious lounge areas for breakfast, movie nights and board games with Wi-Fi available everywhere.

Most importantly, don’t miss TIDO’s roof top area, where you can see the blue sky or enjoy evening sunsets with a refreshing glass of beer.